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People say that sex isn't that important, well I beg the differ, I believe that it is one of the most important things that life has to offer, its not only enjoyment, it is relaxing and it is something that you share with someone else, it builds a closeness between two people, it helps you recharge, stress down and feel better about yourself and life. Also sex is something that can be enjoyed with someone you love or just someone you have a sexual attraction to. 

 I am an experienced escort that absolutely love what I do, its not just about the sex and the money, it is a mixture of business and pleasure. but it is also a way for me to fulfil my own fantasies but also be able to meet new people, to give closeness and love to the lonely and shy.   I am a 30 year old Swedish girl with bleached hair, blue eyes, a cute face, horny and beautiful eyes, long sexy legs, DD natural bust, a nice tight ass and an even tighter........   I am combining my escorting between Dublin and Stockholm.   If you are after a great and fun time, or maybe just some company or relaxation do not hesitate to contact me.  


How about spending some time with an experienced Swedish escort that is well educated, easy going, well travelled, social and bubbly. We can meet for a coffee or why not a drink? Just enjoy one another's company for a while and maybe later finish our great evening with a nice relaxing massage.   As I am semi new to the Dublin area I am only available to meet you at yours or why not at a nice restaurant, cafe or a quiet little pub somewhere?   If you have any questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to call me, if you just have one or two questions you can text me but please note that I do not do full conversations over text messages.   I do have a webpage and you are more then welcome to contact me for the web address.   So if you are looking for a great time with a great girl I am the girl for you.   Hope to hear from you soon!   xo xo xo   Hayley Viper    0899638225


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